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"The Blessing of Holy Curiosity"


The Blessing of Holy Curiosity
Memory Verse:
"And when the LORD saw that he [Moses] turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I."
Exodus 3: 4
This verse jumped out at me one day in my devotional time.
This was a destiny moment for Moses, a moment that all of heaven was observing with bated breath. This was the instant for which all of his life heretofore had been preparation. God had orchestrated the staging of this encounter down to the most minute details. No doubt, the Almighty had posted an angel at this one particular shrub from its germination up until this day of days to be sure that no desert windstorm would uproot it, that no hungry wild mountain goat would devour it.
The divine stage was set. This would be a moment that Moses would never forget; a calling that would be indelibly etched into his consciousness. Finally after centuries of waiting, the chosen deliverer had been born. After a lifetime of preparation, he who will be know as the "law-giver" is ushered onto the scene. The Glory of God alights on the bush. Moses chasing a stray lamb comes around an outcropping of rock into the mountain clearing noticing the burning bush as he rushes over to pick up the stray. The host of heaven watches in silence. It's time for God to speak.
But strangely, God draws out the dramatic moment a little further. He doesn't utter a word. He won't. Not until Moses turns aside to see what many men in their busyness, haste, or even in their fear of fire, might have missed -- the fact that although the bush is ablaze it is not being consumed. Moses turns aside...God speaks...The rest is history.
I believe God orchestrates moments of wonder in our lives, times at which He sets the stage to speak to us in extraordinary ways. I can't help but wonder how many of them we miss because we arrive at a phenomenon for which we have no rational explanation, but instead of "turning aside" to see how it can be. Instead of investigating to see if God is hiding somewhere in the mix, we continue on about our business. We haven't the time nor the inclination to "turn aside." We are lacking in what I call "Holy Curiosity." Maybe we even lack the powers of observation to realize that something supernatural is going on.
There are "burning bushes" in each of our lives, things that according to the laws of nature and logic should not exist. The doctor told some of us years ago that we wouldn't make it, or that we would have diminished capacity, yet we are here alive and more well than medical science can account for. We have been through fires that couldn't consume us. We have gone through deep waters, but didn't drown. We have had less and done more with it....Need I go on? Could it be that God has been trying to pique our "holy curiosity," that He has been trying to get our attention so that He can reveal our destiny.
The stage is set. Heaven is watching. Destiny awaits. Will you "turn aside" today to see what God is saying?
LORD, forgive me for the times that I have been too busy to notice or investigate the "burning bush." Open my eyes, Dear LORD. Give me a hearing ear, and an understanding heart. Deliver me from being so busy or jaded that I continue about my business when destiny is trying to call me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
Thoughts for your journal:
1. As you look back over the last year or two, are there any "burning bushes" (sacred moments) that you failed to take time to consider?
2. In light of this devotional thought, what changes might you make in how you look at and approach life?
Prayer Focus:
  • Pray that God will continue His cleansing work in your life and in the church.
  • Pray that God will cause you to be more sensitive to His movement in your life and to His voice.
  • Pray that God will send a spirit of revival and refreshing into our church as never before.
For our Atlanta family, let's come to church tomorrow expecting nothing less than the miraculous hand of God in our midst!  Remember - Altar Prayer & Intercession at 9: 30 a.m., Morning Worship at 11: 30 a.m., Altar Prayer at 5:00 p.m. & Sunday Night Alive at 6 p.m. with Special Guest, Pastor Hart Ramsey of Dothan, Alabama!!!
Love and Blessings,
Pastor Moore


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